This time I want to talk about inspirations. Especially inspirations for entrepreneurs. I am an entrepreneur, in fact, since I came to the working environment; I have always been in an entrepreneurial role if not an entrepreneur myself. We need inspirations! Why do I say that? Because being an entrepreneur means you are doing something
We rise by lifting people up. I rose by lifting people up. I often hear my employees saying they don’t want to out smart me or challenge what I say or even correct me when clearly I have made a mistake because they should not seem to be “better” than me. I also hear a


  You see when we started off the road, full of hopes that the best is on its way, we didn’t for-see exactly what was ahead. Some of us were not prepared for the tough times that were unknown. In fact, nobody is ever ready. By the time you are ready, it is either too

BIZAFFAIRS – 10 Million Dollars Today.

Imagine you receive 10 million dollars fund injection for your business today. What would you do with it? Where exactly would you invest it within the next 6 months so that by the end of 12 months it will translate into profits? So that 18 months from now, you can show your investor a record