Friends and Growth

I guess everyone has that one childhood friend/best friend from their school days whom they seem to have known forever.

This just dawn on me recently after I made a journey 8937 miles from Accra to Philidelphia to visit that one “best friend” of mine. We met exactly 10 years ago in the university. I think it’s been so long that I almost forgot what exact reasons I love her so much.

BIZAFFAIRS – Hard work works

Before I start. I will first deny the pursuit of the few rare events of sudden, unreasonably fortunate, logically contradictory success. I don’t believe in chances. I don’t wish to be the luckiest. I wish to be reasonably rewarded.

People only see one driving a G Wagon; they don’t see the miles he/she has driven on the almost broken, AC never working pick-up van, going around receiving rejections, humiliation and frustration. Then people are quick to say it was easy for the individual to get a business because he or she is driving a G Wagon, or that they have too much money. But nobody understands or remembers how things were before the money was made. The fact of the matter is that we all didn’t have at some point in the journey. We all started our journeys with bare hands and in a place far from where we are today.